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Sweet Dreams


The last Metroid is in captivity. The Galaxy is at peace... The intro of this game is so cinemtic and gives me goosebumps everytime I see and hear it.

I got my hands on Super Metroid as a little boy in the end 90s, early 00s and still remember the hours I tried to solve this huge puzzle. Every new find was a huge achievment, especially if you were lost for a long time and didn't get any further.

But it wasn't just a single player game. My friends and I shared the fun. We took the game and played it at my friends place or at sleepovers. Sometimes I have lend it to a friend for several days and as I got it back he found new areas and items. I can still remember the frist time I came into Mother Brains room and had to beat MB. I know how my little brother and my dad watched me while I'm, as a 10 years old, fight a giant chicken in rage mode.

This scene should represent the peace which Samus found after her long and hard mission. She dreams of her saviour: The "Baby" Metroid. Which is know part of her.

I did a different approach on the Metroid with it's little bubbles. This is a more "Shell" looking thing now.


Weight: 200gsm (5.9oz/yd)Materials: Fine art paperTexture: SmoothFinish: MattWhiteness: Natural white


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