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Close Up Helmet


Some lazy Samus Sunday Sketch that turned out to be a full coloured drawing.

Not really having a caption for that. Expect that she is really angry, maybe it reflects my mood I had a day before drawing this piece, where I was some kind of "pissed off", of no reason. I think there are just such days...

In general I'm a really balanced person. Someone actually compared me with a "Fels in der Brandung" (ger.) what would be translated like a "solid rock in turbulent waters"... ?

But Samus is lucky enough to take out her anger on alien villains ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙


Weight: 200gsm (5.9oz/yd)Materials: Fine art paperTexture: SmoothFinish: MattWhiteness: Natural white


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