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Storm on Zebes


There is nothing, just you and the nature of a terrifying alien planet. No music, just sounds of rain and thunder which enhances the feeling of loneliness.

You are leaving your spaceship and your natural instinct tells you to go in the "right" direction. After some meters you are reaching a dead end. Slowly you realize that this game isn't like the games you played before. You are going in the opposite direction and enters the caves of Crateria.

Still nothing just silence and a soft blow of the wind that pulls through the caves. Some little insects moving away from you, like you woke them up after a long time. Something seems off and you are feeling uncomfortable with a little bit of fear... but soon enough you will experience sweaty hands and the dedication to clear this mission.


Weight: 200gsm (5.9oz/yd)Materials: Fine art paperTexture: SmoothFinish: MattWhiteness: Natural white


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Water-based inks.
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Sustainably sourced paper.
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